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Samoan Tattoo Designs

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Two days later, the sporting goods giant wrote on the Nike blog, "The NTM (Nike Tight of the Moment) gets all fancy pants again, this time looking to the tattoos of Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand for the latest head-turning design, the Nike Pro Tattoo Tech “This is a treasure that is held dear to the Samoan community tattoo tech collection was inspired by tattoo graphics," the company said, according to TheDrum. "We apologize to anyone who views this design as insensitive to any specific culture. Dear indigenous people of Samoa: Nike is sorry it co-opted the design of your traditional male tattoos for a line of women's running tights. The company's black-and-white Pro Tattoo Tech tights (and sports bra and bodysuit), which feature a design inspired into trouble again with a new line of tattoo-print leggings and sports bras that duplicate the designs of Pe’a, the traditional male tattoo of Samoa. In part, the problem was that the tattoo design is reserved for men only, but Nike has printed it A pair of patterned leggings are causing trouble over at Nike. The tattoo-like print on the brand's Pro Tattoo Tech Tights has sparked ire in Australia and New Zealand for its similarity to pe'a, the traditional male tattoo of Samoa. New Zealand Actor and former wrestler The Rock sports has one on his arm. Contemporary Samoan tattoos are carved on a part of the leg, hand or chest, but traditional tattoo design starts from the knee and travels up to the belly button. .

Many Samoan women choose to have the malu and he has since added a "sleeve" to the mix. He said that while tattoos where common to Pacific Islanders, Samoans used only geometric designs incorporating tools, weapons and distinctive roof of the fale. There is outrage from the Samoan community over a new series of designs by an international sports giant. Nike has released a set of women's sportswear inspired by traditional tatau, or tattoos of the Pacific. But the leggings, in particular, create the Freddie Ika said: "To the outside world it's just a design. But to my Polynesian people, it's sacred." The Samoan pe'a is a tattoo reserved for men. The intricate lines and colour-blocking are tattooed on to the body using tools made of carved bone or .

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