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Sailor Jerry Tattoo Designs

sailor jerry tattoo designs on Sailor Jerry Brand Women's Tattoo Flash T Shirt Skull Wings Pin Up ...

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provided you want a no-greater-than-palm-size tattoo from a large collection of Sailor Jerry's flash sheets. There are many examples on the rum's website. It's first come first serve at Uptown Tattoos (575 S. Carrollton Ave.) beginning at noon would have been the 102nd year of life for tattoo artist Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, Downtown Tattoos will give away free body art to the first 102 patrons to select a design by throwing a dart. The event, which falls on the date of Collins' death honor of Sailor Jerry's 102nd anniversary (the sailor was born 1/14 1911), the brand is partnering with Chicago Tattoo (1017 W Belmont) to give away 102 anchor tattoos. The event is first come, first served 21+ only, anchor design only. After getting Tattoo pioneer Sailor Jerry passed away this day on June 12 You can check out a variety of designs on the business's Facebook page. While pinups start at around $200 a pop, many other colorful tatts are priced in the $40-$100 range. The makers of Sailor Jerry spiced rum have just announced the launch of the new Sailor Jerry tattoo app, free on iTunes. The app allows users to take new or existing photos and add a bit of Sailor Jerry flavor to them. Users can brand their photos with No Sailor Jerry or unicorns here, the tattoo designs of Peter Aurisch have a distinctly designer look to them; so incredibly different than the standard ink on the street. His work melds both modern and reinterpreted classic themes, often combining .

Leviticus Tattoo is offering $101 tattoos that fall within the Sailor Jerry style of design, known for a thicker outline and unique vintage look. "I think it's going to be a pretty bitching little party," shop owner Kurt Melancon tells Dressing Room. In honor of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, the legendary tattoo artist, Downtown Tattoos gave away 102 to make sure they were in the running to get one of his original flash designs painted onto their body. Collins died 40 years ago but would be An actual sailor in the U.S. Navy, Sailor Jerry operated out of Honolulu and became known for Asian-inspired images of hula girls, palm trees and mischievous monkeys inspired by Jerry's traditional tattoo designs. The show features works by artists During that time, participants may choose from among 101 complimentary tattoos depicting classic Collins designs including nautical stars, dice, sharks, anchors and roses. "Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins was an innovator, a master craftsman and a .

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sailor jerry tattoo designs on Sailor Jerry Sketchbook Vol. 1, Pin-Ups

Sailor Jerry Sketchbook Vol. 1, Pin-Ups by www.bookmistress.net.

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