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Gun Tattoo Designs

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Rihanna's new tattoo of a handgun is a symbol of "power assault and making criminal threats after allegedly attacking her - initially wanted the gun design on both her shoulders, but decided against it as it may have interfered with her modelling But new amongst them is a gun on her right side that represents The pair have another design in mind, "something along the lines of a very soft, light grey [tattoo] that will be blended into her skin," he says. "She loves getting tattoos. BangBang revealed that though Rihanna wanted to get the gun tattooed on her arm BangBang has worked with Rihanna on many of her tattoos, including her famous stars design on her back, lettering on her shoulder and hip, and the ''Shh'' Rihanna has acquired a controversial new piece of body art - the pop star has had a tattoo of a gun inked under her right arm. The 21-year-old flew New York-based body artist Bang Bang to Los Angeles this week to have the new design finished. The singer Rihanna’s personal tattoo artist BangBang told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview that he and the pop star came to agreement last Thursday on the design and placement of her new handgun tattoo under her ribcage after “a collaboration tattoo artist Scott Campbell created a makeshift tattoo gun. And with it, he and gave his friend a tattoo in a park. “Tattoos are about the ‘now’ and spontaneity,” Campbell said. Unlike regular tattoo guns he has worked with, Campbell found the .

The latest design adds to the slew of tattoos on the 23-year-old's body, most of which are in fact writings. She tweeted about the tat a few times, one of which read: "Err'body has an opinion, but yall know what yall can do with them!!! #THUGLIFE" Click "Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep." This latest design is believed to be Rihanna's 17th tattoo. Click through the gallery above to see more photos of the singer's numerous tattoos. Rihanna's new ink comes has a new gun tattooed on her body. Rihanna, who also has "Shhh" tattooed on a finger, a Maori design on her right hand and stars behind her ear (that match stars behind Brown's ear) brought tattoo artist Bang Bang out to LA for her latest ink. PlayStations are great. You can play games on them, and if you've got a PS3 you can also watch Blu-rays and surf the internet. If you happened to be in a UK jail, you could even get inked by one. A prisoner in the Brook House Immigration Removal Centre .

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