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Traditional Tattoo Designs

traditional tattoo designs on Traditional Swallow Tattoo Design

Traditional Swallow Tattoo Design by www.tattoostime.com.

Rihanna's new tattoo was etched onto her hand with a hammer. The 'Pour It Up' singer chose to mark her recent trip to New Zealand by getting a traditional Maori design inked onto her right hand using the excruciatingly painful yet traditional Ta Moko method. Hawaiian kakau on the other. Keone Nunes: "THE TRADITIONAL POLYNESIAN TATTOOS ALL HAVE SIGNIFICANCE. EVERY LINE HAS A MEANING, EVERY LINE HAS A NAME." Artists say they choose the design for each individual. Designs that are different across cultures R&B star Rihanna has got a new tattoo on her hand, spread from her fingernails to her forearm, which was inked in the traditional Maori way. This technique involves using a mallet, chisel and ink pigment to create the design, rather than a needle The Koi fish are popular in tattoo culture for their distinctive patterns Fans of Traditional Japanese art choose the design for the wide selection in colors and the meaning associated with those markings. In Japanese culture Koi bred specifically She’s already amassed a vast collection of inkings throughout her career. So in order to mark her recent trip to New Zealand, Rihanna decided to get a permanent reminder by having a traditional Maori tattoo inked on her right hand. While modern tattoos Rihanna had a traditional Maori tattoo inked into her skin using a mallet and chisel (Picture: Tiki Taane/YouTube) Rihanna doesn’t do things by halves as she proved when she had her latest tattoo hammered into her skin using a chisel and a mallet. .

Pop princess Rihanna is no stranger to getting tattoos, but for her latest inking the singer has opted for a traditional Maori design applied to her right hand using a chisel and mallet! The 25-year-old star underwent the painful process while in New A two-minute video of the 25-year-old getting the designs of lines and symbols from tattoo artist Inia Taylor at the Moko Ink studio in West Aukland was uploaded onto YouTube. On the tattoo studio website a description explaining the tribal print reads What's thought of as the "traditional" mom tattoo -- a heart with a banner, stereotypically seen on World War II-era sailors -- is still a popular design. "I've done plenty of mom tattoos with banners around hearts," said Flores. But custom .

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traditional tattoo designs on traditional hand piece tattoo

traditional hand piece tattoo by 2.bp.blogspot.com.

traditional tattoo designs on ... Tattoo Designs – Coolest Traditional Oriental Tattoo Designs Picture

Tattoo Designs – Coolest Traditional Oriental Tattoo Designs Picture by www.bodygrafixtattoo.com.

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