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Shrewsbury, Shropshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Tattoos have been a cultural expression of art since the very earliest days of humanity, and are a behavior that has been expressed ubiquitously across a diverse range of disparate cultures, from Africans the Camp Pendleton-based sailor reached further into the history of the craft to get a Samoan-style tattoo administered through a millenniums-old technique called hand-tapping. Instead of creating the geometric black design with an electronic instrument Custom tattoo search for “Aztec Tattoos” for some more general tattoo design ideas. Local libraries are also a good source of images – ask for books relating to Latin American history and the Aztecs. Images found in history books, or Rihanna’s newest tattoo is apparently a reminder of her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown, according to the artists Inia Taylor and Tiki Taane. Earlier this week while in New Zealand as part of her “Diamonds” tour, the 25-year-old singer got a The HTC Tattoo sports Sense UI to help users customize their Android experience, and the phone includes removable parts to customize its appearance. To further push its “Make It Mine” pitch, HTC is giving users more control over their Tattoo’s look It's important to put some thought into ankle tattoo design ideas before getting one. Choosing a unique and meaningful tattoo can help prevent regret. When making the decision to get an ankle tattoo, it is important to consider what design is .

"I got my first one in my 50s, and my most recent should do whatever makes them happy -- no matter what their age." One in five adults in the U.S. have tattoos, according to a Harris Interactive survey. Though the people most likely to When choosing the best tattoo design becomes a challenge, one website can provide a quick and easy solution. Seen to be an authority when it comes to awesome tattoo designs, tattoodesignspic.com has gone an extra mile in providing excellent service to But Harry Styles' new tattoo is without a shadow of a doubt the most ostentatious yet. The One Direction heartthrob has had a huge butterfly design etched across his stomach - and it takes up an enormous amount of room on the 19-year-old's body. The design of David Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” DVD has proven confusing to some And if maybe — just maybe — the company was also trying to create a little buzz around the DVD’s release, their mission is accomplished. .

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